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Save big from 10/20 through 11/20 on these great products!

(Special pricing is for builders and contractors only, while supplies last).


SBC Prestained White Cedar Shingles

5% Off, Plus $7 per square

Broden has all 18 standard colors in stock!

Save 5% off our already low pricing, plus get an additional $7 per square rebate directly from SBC for a limited time. With the best warranty (10 yrs on 1 coat, 25 yrs on 2 coat), and the widest possible shingle in their Sidewall Select (SS) line, make SBC your choice for siding!

All prices are per square (4 bundles cover 100 sq feet) 

1 Coat "A" Extra: reg. $447.00           sale $424.65 Minus $7 rebate = $417.65 end cost

2 Coat "A" Extra: reg. $550.00           sale $522.50 Minus $7 rebate = $515.50 end cost

1 Coat "B" Clear: reg. $407.00          sale $386.65 Minus $7 rebate = $379.65 end cost

2 Coat "B" Clear: reg. $510.00          sale $484.50 Minus $7 rebate = $477.50 end cost

1 Coat "SS" Mix: reg. $425.00           sale $403.75 Minus $7 rebate = $396.75 end cost

2 Coat "SS" Mix: reg. $528.00            sale $501.60 Minus $7 rebate = $494.60 end cost

Primed "SS" Mix:reg. $412.00           sale $391.40 Minus $7 rebate = $384.40 end cost

Bleaching Oil, Enviro-Bleach, Weathering Stain, and Clear Naturaltone in stock too!


10% Off Palight PVC Trimboards! 

Broden also offers 22' long pieces of 1x8 for one piece rake boards!

 1x3x18':   reg. $18.90    sale $17.01               Just $0.95 per LF!

1x4x18':   reg. $23.76    sale $21.39               Just $1.19 per LF!

1x6x18':   reg. $37.80    sale $34.02               Just $1.89 per LF!

1x8x18':   reg. $49.86    sale $44.88               Just $2.49 per LF!

1x8x22':   22' long!  sale $54.78               Just $2.49 per LF!

1x10x18': reg. $64.44    sale $58.00               Just $3.23 per LF!

1x12x18': reg. $76.86    sale $69.17               Just $3.85 per LF!


10% off 1x4 Decking!

In addition to decking, we also stock many rails and lumber sizes in the same species. 

1x4 Douglas Fir: reg: $1.69/LF                             Sale $1.52/LF or $5.03/sqft

Usually reserved for painted decking and repairs or matching existing older decks. Our 1x4 douglas fir is premium vertical grain, for a good stable deck board ready for years of service.

 1x4 Red Balau Mahogany: reg. $1.45/LF     Sale $1.30/LF or $4.30/sqft

More dense, longer lasting and more stable than regular meranti mahogany, red balau is the premium choice for mahogany decking.

 1x4 Premium KD Ipe': reg. $2.25/LF                 Sale $2.03/LF or $6.72/sqft

More dense than Red Balau, Ipe’ decking (Pau Lope' or Ironwood) is the sought after material architects and builders prefer. We stock only the highest quality Kiln Dried Ipe. Extremely long lasting, Ipe’ is the choice for a natural decking material here in our brutal northeast climate!


10% off Beaded Planking!




 Beaded planking in many different types of lumber to paint, stain, or leave natural! 

1x6 Primed FJ Pine:        reg. $1.40/LF            Sale $1.26/LF or $2.95/sqft

5/8x6 Douglas Fir:            reg. $1.35/LF            Sale $1.22/LF or $2.85/sqft

1x6 Mahogany:                reg. $2.75/LF            Sale $2.48/LF or $5.80/sqft

1/2x6 PVC: (Conceal S/L)        reg $2.01/LF             Sale $1.81/LF or $4.23/sqft

Need a different type? No problem! Broden can mill it for you in any species!


Hard to Find Patterns In Stock!

pickwick pattern.jpg

Drop Siding.jpg


Stanley FatMax 25' Tape Measure

ONLY $12.99!

We only have 40 of these at this Great Price! Hurry in, while supplies last!


Other Great Deals!

Check out these extra discounts off of our already Low Prices!

10% Off Typar Butyl Flashing Tape

Non-petroleum based, safe to use on windows with vinyl nailing flange.

15% Off all CMT Blades and Router Bits

150+ router bits in stock and 50+ Blades to choose from!

CMT is a premier manufacturer for the guaranteed highest quality!

10% Off all Imperial Multi-tool Blades

50+ different choices of American made Multi-tool Blades!

High speed steel, Titantium enhanced, and Carbide available! 

10% Off all 2P-10 Adhesive and Glue

Fast acting glue, perfect for any use! Choose from different thicknesses! 

10% Off Pneumatic Tool Lubricant

Get your winter formula gun oil before it gets cold outside!