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There are many different options for exterior trim, ranging from many different wood species, to PVC and composite molding. Broden Millworks and Supply has a full range of options for your next project.

Our Exterior Trim Options

The trim possibilities are endless with our molding selection. We offer the entire BROSCO catalog of moldings as well as PVC profiles by Palram for exterior trim, this includes bed moldings to that historic still nosing that you have been looking for and everything in between.

We offer six main wood species best for exterior use: Vertical Grain Red Cedar, Finger Joint Primed Vertical Grain Red Cedar, Solid Primed Vertical Grain Red Cedar, Vertical Grain STK (Select Tight Knots) Cedar, Vertical Grain Fir and Meranti Mahogany.

About Our Custom Molding Options:

Custom Molding adds a unique touch to your project. We truly pride ourselves on the fact that we have the capability to create a wide variety of custom moldings for our customers in-house. Running interior or exterior molding in different types of species with a variety of sizes and shapes keeps our custom collection current. If you can draw it we will do our best to make it.

Sizing & Availability

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Sizes AvailableVG* Red CedarFJP* VG Red CedarSolid Primed VG Red CedarVG STK* CedarVG FirMeranti MahoganyPalight PVC Trimboard
1x4Decking Only
5/4x6Decking Only

Additional Information:

“Finger Joint Primed” material is multiple smaller pieces of lumber glued together end-to-end through a joint similar to the above picture. The finger joints allow the lengths of cedar to be more consistently longer lengths while also being more cost effective. The glue and primer used are always strong and for exterior use allowing the fingerjointed cedar to be just as weather and rot resistent as solid pieces of cedar.

“Select Tight Knot” Cedar is the lower grade of Clear Cedar. This grade has a lot of personality and is used on siding , interior paneling and virtually any application. The knots and other natural features define the visual character of this grade. In this grade the knots are sound and tight as seen in the image above.

“Vertical Grain” refers to the way the board is cut. Vertical grain is cut perpindicular to the trees growth rings; compared to flat grain in the above image, which is cut the oposite way, parrallel to the growth rings. Vertical grain is described as the most durable choice. Compared to any other cut type it holds its shape as it expands and contracts evenly across the board causing it to be much less likely to warp or bend. It also takes stain much more evenly and keeps a clean elegant look.

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