Columns and Porch Posts

We offer a full range of styles of Columns & Porch Posts, in both traditional wood and PVC.

Wooden Porch Posts & Columns

If you are going for a traditional look or looking for endless customization options, Wooden Porch Posts & Columns are a great choice. Wood is also popular on older houses where PVC may look out of place and doesn’t fit the aesthetic.

Because wood is a traditional building material and has been around forever, there are endless options available. Aside from just the shape, there are many different species, stains, and paints that offer much customization to the final product.

PVC Porch Columns & Posts

PVC & Composites have found an ever growing market in new and renovated homes due to their long lifespan and little to no maintenence.

The growing popularity of PVC and Composites has brought an ever-increasing line of colors and styles along with it. Companies such as Trex ® offer many lookalikes to real wood species, and offer a 25 year warranty that also covers fading and stains.

Brands We Offer:

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