Roofing Shingles & Supplies

Roofing comes in a variety of materials and sizes. Broden Millworks and Supply offers the most popular options and brands, along with specialty options and roofing accessories available both in stock and available upon request. 

Roofing Shingles & Supplies

Options for Roofing range from the most popular and economic options of shingles such as Asphalt, Composite, or Wood Shingles, to more specialized and unique options such as Concrete, Clay, or Slate Roof Tiles.

Now stocking four colors of Atlas shingles on the ground!

Gutters, Flashing & Other Roofing Supplies

At Broden Millworks & Supply, we understand there is a lot more to roofing than just shingles and tiles. We aim to be a one-stop-shop for all of your roofing needs, and offer all of the necessities you will need for a job well done.

Along with Gutters & Flashing, we offer an assortment of roofing related supplies from the top manufacturers our customers know and love and frequently request. This includes thing such as various Ridge & Soffit Vents, Ice & Water Barriers, and more.

Brands We Offer:

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